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About Us

Dr. Hans Berger is a biochemist, genetic engineer, molecular biologist and theoretical gerontologist. After studying biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of Vienna, he obtained his dissertation at the Academy of Sciences.

He has now been a successful entrepreneur and investor for more than 30 years and is involved in gerontology.

In search of research groups and others who share his passion and innovative spirit in the field of rejuvenation, he wants to use the newest findings in the field to advance research and application in this field.

True to the motto "think different".
Become part of our team, whether as a research group or as an investor, in order to achieve the next big breakthrough together!

Our Vision

  • Realizing the dream of immortality
  • Vitality, even in old age
  • Bringing together investors and researchers

On our numerous websites you will find:

  • Research results
  • New and sometimes weird ideas
  • Unbelievable things (Nobody believed Einstein at first either!)

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Dr. Hans Berger

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Hans Berger: +43 664 / 38 29 118

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