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Research for eternal life is our top priority.
We are looking for donors who give us funds for the "foreveryoung" project.
Our goal is to support research institutions in order to get closer to the eternal youth.

Are you interested in funding research?
Dr. Hans Berger:
+43 664 - 38 29 118

Sorgen sind Sinnlos.


Lächle, und die Welt lächelt zurück.


Du bist für Dein Leben selbst verantwortlich.


Neue Gedanken sind neues Leben.



If you are interested, please fill out the contact form or contact Dr. Hans Berger: +43 664 38 291 18.

Die - No, thank you, cell rejuvenation:

... more stem cells in the blood
... better immune response
... fewer diseases such as cancer - because the immune system is stronger and cancer cells are better...

Cell therapy

In the case of the age-related disease AMD it was achieved that sick people, through treatment with stem cells, let the blind see better again. Treatments with...

Immune system - corona

With a weaker immune system in particular, a viral infection can cause serious illnesses.

For example, respiratory disease often has little effect on younger...

Regenerate and renew:

"Every cell of my body is happy, every cell of my body is happy", who does not know this beautiful song.

The regeneration and renewal of defective body cells...

Is success tangible?

New insights and methods in stem cells and gene therapy give hope. Many results from age research come from cancer and AIDS research.


There are people with idealism who believe in the "Foreveryoung" project.
There are people who give us gifts to us.
There are people who give this project top...

Research News:

The life span of the fruit fly was doubled from 50 to 60 days to 100 to 120 days. This was achieved by switching off three genes. Further tests showed that these...

Ability to regenerate

If the number of blood stem cells in the bone marrow is analyzed, it becomes evident with increasing age (some cell divisions have occurred again) that both the...

We will live forever in the future!

The advances in modern molecular biology and medicine will make this possible.


What do succession planning, family management, family office and foundations bring? What do stocks, bonds, participations or returns bring? What do education,...

Work, stocks, houses - was that all?

What does investing in real estate, stocks, companies, investments, etc. bring you? The work is usually only more.

In the end you have none of it. What good...

Gene therapy

Extend the telomeres of the chromosomes (GC sequences).
The cells' internal clock is turned back.
The DNA replication machinery is improved.
The oxidative...

The fountain of youth

The entire genome is present in humans in the form of 46 chromosomes in the cells. The DNA sequence is known.

A human embryonic cell can divide 50 times, after...


The telomeres consist of a sequence of up to 1000 copies of the DNA sequence TTAGGG and do not themselves carry any genetic information, but only have the protective...

We are not getting any younger!

Some people don't want to get older, they just want to be fit and healthy until the end of their lives. These people are not so much concerned with extending...

Supplements & Co?

The life extension through targeted nutrition and nutritional supplements, vitamins, healthy lifestyle, etc. are only successful to a limited extent.

The approach...

The internal clock is ticking

With short telomere lengths, an increased genetic instability can be determined: defects in spermatogenesis, disturbances in wound healing and in immune defense,...

The inner clock

You don't immediately notice that the "inner clock" is ticking. Our cells divide 50 times, then they die. If you are older then you can no longer help yourself....

Why die?

Does dying really have to be?
We live in a new, entertaining time - scientific research could find a way to increase the age up to 300 years and longer while...


If the cells' internal clock has expired, they are in senescence. These resting cells live on and are metabolically active, but can no longer divide. Subsequently,...

Immune system

The result of this telomere shortening has the consequence that the supply of the cells and the immune response becomes weaker with increasing age, the immune...

Fear of dying

There are people who say, "All is over with death." The others believe in eternal life after death or resurrection after death.

With death, everything earthly...

Our internal clock:

Our goal is to turn back the internal clock of the cells. This will succeed! Youthful appearance, beauty, sportiness, vitality, ... are restored.

Live longer!

100 years ago, the average age was around 37 years, now the average age has increased to 80 years, in Japan by an additional 2 years. A further increase is possible!

Resurrection before death

This enlightenment, this knowledge has many people - is relatively easy to achieve with existing unconditional and uncritical belief and to live something beautiful...

The longing for immortality

For the research of a simple corona virus alone, 5.7 billion euros were donated.

How much can you give to extend life to 300 years?
Error in 30 years there...


Today billions are spent on cosmetics and cosmetic surgery. The main goal is to improve the external values. We consider this to be a pseudo-development, but...

Eternal youth in history

The pharaohs and the Chinese emperors wanted to live forever in history. You lived a good life and didn't want to give it up - does that make you feel familiar?...

2009 - the year of change!

Is aging our destiny? In 2009 the Nobel Prize in Medicine in the field of chromosome research was awarded.
In experiments, the inner life clock was turned back...